Peer-Led Technology Workshops at Innovation Village!

Our fabulous intern, Ariel Moore led the first series of peer-led technology workshops at Innovation Village at The Bethlehem Center this fall.  The goal of this project is to invite young adults who grew up in Spartanburg to teach technology, innovation and digital media workshops at Innovation Village at The Bethlehem Center and other locations.  Funded by a grant from The Spartanburg County Foundation, the workshops are the first in a series of education and outreach programs to be held at Innovation Village.

Ms. Moore designed her workshops according to the interests of the young adults and residents in Highland.

The first workshop, titled: “Computer 101 Basic computer skills” contained an overview of basic concepts; mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Intro to applications such as word, excel, and PowerPoint.

The three different classes were held for approximately 30 young adults and adults.

Already the participants provided feedback and are looking forward to learning more advance topics, they liked being reminded or re-taught things they knew but forgot
and found the program to be very insightful.

We will be holding additional trainings on the following topics in 2018:

• PowerPoint, Excel, Word
• Coding
• Job search
• Selling things
• IPhone/Phone help
• Research various topics (quality information)
• Youtube
• Vlogging
• Video Editing
• Photography

Stay tuned for more in 2018!